My heart skips a beat when I hear your name
When I see you my heart stops
I have a huge smile on my face when I am near you
Every word you say it’s like music
Those long texts that you were sending me
The goodnights that we have said
The memories that we have made
I am truly head over heels for you
Thinking about you makes me smile
The first day we met
It’s imprinted in my head
The way you said hello
The way you walk
Your smile
Your hugs are for forever
And no matter what
Your alway there for me
I want the courage to ask you out
For you to be mine
Everything you have ever said and everything you ever did to me
Is imprinted
When you told me that you use to like me
I realised I missed my chance
But one day I don’t know when
I will ask you out
Or you will ask me
And then my life will be perfect

The way

I love the way u play with your hair
The way u talk
The way that when I see u my heart races
And your smile makes my day
Your hugs are amazing
And you complete me
But u don’t see it
What’s right in front of you all along look I’m here and I like u !!!

Caving in

I feel as if the world is caving in
I have a smile on my face all day
Laughing when it is the right time to laugh
Smiling when people are around
But then I get home and go to bed and
Every night I cry myself to sleep
People think that I have it all together that my life is perfect
Well it’s not
I’m tormented by my own demons every single day
I feel numb when I’m around people
No one makes me feel happy anymore
I want to be that kid that always had a smile on her face and her eyes light up
But I’m not anymore
I’m confused lonely and angry !!


I get judged because I’m not perfect
Because I’m not beautiful
Because I’m me
People look at me with disgust in their eyes
I feel like I can’t go out anywhere because I might run into someone i know
I have to look my best when I go out
Most of my friends all they do is hick something on and look like a freaking supermodel
So when you say that I Should believe on myself and have confidence you don’t know how it is to be me
You don’t have that sense of not belonging
So please stop judging people like me!


I’m sick of not existing to guys Just because there is prettier girls out there and just because she is better at stuff than me Just remember she uses u And I would never use u I look at u and my body aches my heart a sinks and it’s just because u smile at me But u would always pick her before me Just remember I’m always here waiting for u please ur everything I need to save myself!